Altium Designer my Libraries, Project templates, System settings by Catcatcat. V23.9

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Altium Designer my Libraries, Project templates, System settings by Catcatcat. V23.9

Altium Designer my Libraries, Project templates, System settings by Catcatcat. V23.9



Here I want to share how I configure Altium Designer and how I use the DXPPreferences1.DXPPrf files to quickly configure and get all the necessary tools for work, as well as for efficiently transferring these settings and databases between PCs.

When I started for me, there was a problem how to configure Altium, how to connect the database where to get the components, so that I could quickly start working and get the result. I want to offer a mechanism that will allow, after installing Altium Designer, to get a immediately configured database of components, a project structure that makes it possible to order printed circuit boards at least on JLCPCB, including, if desired, the assembly of the printed circuit board. In the structure you will find two examples of the project for which you can understand how the output files are formed, why they are needed and test the order of these boards for JLCPCB.

After using this Altium Designer customization engine, you will naturally get a system configured "for me", but if there is further interest, I can describe how to redo everything so that you can have your own designs with your logos and your personal characteristics.

The entire configuration mechanism is contained in the archive Project.rar which you need to download and unzip the archive to the root of the C drive. This archive stores the entire project structure, all configuration data and the database of components with database projects.

For convenience, I recommend the following installation sequence, although you can perform all the settings on an already installed Altium.  But I recommend installing an Altium “from scratch”.

The procedure for installing the Altium "from scratch".

  1. Unzip to the root of the C disk archive rar.
  2. Install three fonts from the folder C:ProjectProject_AltiumCH_Library_Design_Fonts_for_Altium_Install fonts - ISOCPEUR Italic.ttf, ISOCPEUR Regular.ttf, Mooretronics.ttf ............ it must be done!
  3. Install Altium Designer.
  4. During the installation of Altium, I recommend changing the path for the Shared Documents directory: to the folder C:ProjectProject_AltiumCH_Library_DesignAD23 (this is not necessary, but in the future will give you an advantage in your work).
  5. After installing Altium and properly activating the license, you need to reconfigure the settings using the DXPPrf file from the C:ProjectProject_AltiumCH_Library_Design_AltiumSettings folder. After that, you need to restart the Altium designer.


After that, you will get a fully configured system with a database of components, with a template of configured projects and working examples.

Development of electronics

Release updates

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

V.  - 23_09


  • added new components.
  • Changed the structure of the database.
  • Updated license files.
  • Configuration file name – DXPPreferences1.DXPPrf.
  • Added project CLUBBEST_50_Light.

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